#20 The Ugly Werewolf: Sandwiches Eclipsing My Ego

September 3, 2017

The end of the world? Nah, the sun just turned off for a bit. Come join Nodnash as he rants and raves about all the out of towners clogging up his roads, making too many sandwiches, and getting WAY off topic. Don't forget a dash of Bizarre News and live chat call backs!

#19 The Ugly Werewolf Eats Nazis and Drinks Pumpkin Beer!

August 20, 2017

Uncle Nodnash is grumpy. How does he fix this affliction? By eating some nazis! The most active live episode has the most belligerent ranting! Send Nodnash money to put up a billboard for Nazi Meal Awareness! DOnt forget CFT! This was one packed episode! DOnt forget your pumpkin beer this Halloween!

#18 The Ugly Werewolf is a Fair Bachelor

August 20, 2017

Nodnash talks about his elusive brother and his elusive wedding! What could go wrong? A county fair! Plenty of meat shoved into mouths for a personal episode! What's wrong with getting drunk and telling those you care about your feelings? Nothing! Unless it backfires.

#17 The Ugly Werewolf is LIVE

August 20, 2017

Season 3 of TUW is LIVE! Missed the live recording on YouTube? That's OK! You can listen to it HERE! Crack a brew, cast some magicks, and enjoy the only podcast hosted by your internet werewolf boyfriend!

#16 The Ugly Werewolf Killed HowlCon?!

February 14, 2017

Hiatus is over! Where was I? Eating pizza, drinking beer, and filling power vacuums! Nodnash is back with an easier to chew podcast, so there's more room for what really matters: ugly!

#15 The Ugly Werewolf: The Blair Witch King

October 30, 2016

A little late as usual, a little creepy as usual...Join Nodnash and special guest, The King, as they tear into Blair Witch, revealing all the gooey treats inside! Even more Bizarre News, off topic ramblings, and something not quite right. I could of sworn i put my equipment away. I'm not crazy, right?

#13 The Ugly Werewolf: Killer Clowns Vs Road Trips

September 18, 2016

Have a shorty for you guys this week! Still playing with the formatting, but I'm getting ideas. Remember when I went on a spooky road trip? Remember when I used to do the Bizarre News? Remember what the next Werewolves Versus is? Don't worry, I got your back! All kinds of thrills and chills this episode, just don't forget to leave a light on.

#12 The Ugly Werewolf: Interview With the News

September 3, 2016

The Ugly Werewolf is BACK! Join Nodnash as he interviews A. Quinton, in charge of Werewolf-News.com! You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll wonder what took me so long. No worries. Season 2 is here.

#11 The Ugly Werewolf: The End!?

June 15, 2016

A year ago this month, The Ugly Werewolf hit the net and I, Nodnash, blessed your ears. What a crazy journey we've been on! Get ready for some Bizarre News, Werewolf Updates, and some heart-warming words. Never fret, you fake werewolf internet bro will always be here for you.

#10 The Ugly Werewolf: Ugly Toons

May 20, 2016

Whoops, my bad! I was lazy and didn't edit this episode for a couple months. But now I did! Cut over 40 minutes from this, so maybe catch that later? More werewolf news, bizarre news, and Nodnash and the Joebots perform their music!